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We Value the Pursuit of God - We are hungry to know God's presence, hear His voice and follow after Him.

We Value Christlikeness - We desire that Jesus' love, mercy, grace, truth, purity, power, and integrity shine through all we do.

We Value Being Spirit-Led - We honor Jesus as our Head, and the Holy Spirit as our Counselor. We seek to be responsive to the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.

We Value Discipleship - We aim, first, to grow personally in the knowledge of Christ, and, secondly, to make disciples by leading others into these same practices.

We Value the Mercy of God - We believe that mercy is fundamental to all that God does in salvation. We therefore aim to extend mercy to one another, and to all whom we minister.

We Value Integrity - It is important to us to speak the truth, deal honestly, and live uprightly.

We Value Servant Leadership - We believe that Christ has put significant leadership authority in the hands of the pastors. We aim to exercise this authority with selflessness, grace, and a sincere desire to build up the Body of Christ.

We Value Relationships - We are honored by every person whom God adds to Grace Community Church. We aim to work together to build the church through maintaining mutual respect, open communication, determined cooperation, and believing and speaking the best about each other.

We Value and Seek Earnestly for the Ministry of the Supernatural - Jesus promised that those who follow Him would do the same works that He had done and even greater. (John 14:12)

(Also see Core Values for the Supernatural from Kris Vallotton and Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry)